Testnet1 Initial Mining Test Results

So I setup a simple $5 VPS with 1 CPU just to get a feel for how mining works.

  1. compiled everything needed from the docs and installed grin
  2. updated grin.toml with settings; set mining to true; reduced logging; set to Testnet1
  3. started up a wallet server to receive GRIN rewards $ grin wallet -p"password" listen
  4. started up mining server to mine GRIN on Testnet1 $ grin server -m run
  5. check balance of wallet $ grin wallet -p"password" info

Obviously 1 CPU is nothing but after 24 hours running this is what i see from grin server…

“INFO Received block headers:” I assume this is good. Receiving block headers consistently.

“INFO sync head 123318612 @ 38400 [015ccc12]”
"Jan 24 18:29:01.460 INFO Added 511 headers to the header chain"
I assume this is also good. Sync’ing.

"Client connection lost: Timeout."
I see a stream of these form different IP addresses non stop. Is this normal? Why is this happening?

"INFO Client connection lost: Connection(Error { repr: Custom(Custom { kind: UnexpectedEof, error: StringError(“early eof”) }) })"
More errors being shown as INFO. Again whats the story here?

"Client connection lost: Connection(Error { repr: Os { code: 32, message: “Broken pipe” } })"
More errors being shown as INFO. Again whats the story here?

Running 1 CPU mining 24/7 how do I figure out how long it would take to mine a reward (even if its years)? Whats the process to determine this? To determine the GPS?

i guess this forum is dead… is there a better place to post this?

The forum is brand new so maybe people aren’t used to checking it yet. Your best bet is probably to post your question in the grin gitter channel - https://gitter.im/grin_community

You can only mine if fully synched.

To benchmark your VPS and estimate how many testnet coins you can mine do for example:

#path to grin server log file, e.g. /root/mw/grin/server/grin.log
echo “Graphs per second: $(tail -n 10000 $logfile| grep Graphs|tail -n 1 | awk ’ { print $19 } ’ )”

And post your score.

Output of grin.log is "Graphs per second: " in other words… empty results. “Graph” does not exist in log file. Possibly due to all the other errors I am receiving shown above? Not sure.