Mining server not sending any job to the miner

I got a node running with the mining server. Completely sync’ed.

Once I start grin-miner, I see it connecting the server and see it in the workers list. But this is the details I have on the miner :

Connection Status : connected to Grin server at
Last Message Sent : Get New Job
Last Message Received : None
Mining Status : Waiting for server

And it stays this way. The server, associated with a sync’ed node, doesn’t give any answer to the connected miner.

So my question is quite easy : Why ? :wink:

Thank you for your answer.

Did you follow the instructions in ?
Sounds like you may have left stratum disabled…

I think you don’t have wallet listener running

grin wallet listen

Perhaps the stratum server should return an error RPC message “no wallet”. Lots of people end up like this.


Thank you. That’s exactly what was missing. Two ideas :

  • A feedback once you use “grin wallet listen” (there’s none)
  • A possibility to start it within the “grin” command through the grin-wallet.toml file
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Mmm… Mined with 6 1080ti for 50 blocks on testnet4 :

Mining Status: Mining at height 29793 at 41263.3795 GPS

I get accepted shares, but yet my wallet balance stays at 0. Should I consider that as normal or unlucky ?

edit : Ok “grin wallet info” shows me a balance of 0 while “grin wallet txs” shows a balance of 240 for 4 found blocks…

can you send me some testnet/floonet coins? Very Appriciate of it!
I’ve asked for help on telgram/discord, and this forum, nobody replied, /sad.
my address is: