Testnet coins/node Available

Planning to play around with py-mimblewimble library and was wondering if there is a faucet and/or community node running on testnet or even mining going on it as well… I can definitely spin up a node, but just shaking the trees before to see what is going on and what’s been done.

Been excited about Grin for a while, and trying to put in some time to play around and see what can be done…


Here is a description of how to use the faucet (search for “Getting testnet coins”). Afaik testnet is currently being mined, not sure if there are any open testnet nodes though.


Welcome to the forum! If you mean GitHub - grinventions/mimblewimble-py: Pure Python implementation of Mimblewimble protocol for Grin cryptocurrency then please feel free to message me if you have questions, I’m the author.

At the moment of writing this message the module already has some useful features (wallet generation, handling seeds from core wallet, deriving slatepack addresses, creating a raw transaction using SRS flow etc) but it is not yet at the stage that would require you to access node.

Currently working on slatepacks (stuck on AGE encryption) and persistence of state, after this it would be possible to build a simple wallet using this library.

I’m happy to answer questions and help you use it as much as it’s usable at its current stage.


Thanks! I think I reached out to you on Twitter before as well, but have slowly played with the the library and trying to devote some more time to do some additional things with it… will keep you posted if I hit any roadblocks or have questions thanks!