Suggestion for changing file/directory structure of official grin node/wallet

During my usage experiences of grin node/wallet, I found that we may convenient some steps of grin node/wallet for initial setup/configuration for beginners.

  • Pre-make, pre-include the configuration files in same executable files.
  • Pre-create empty folders such as chain_data and wallet_data in same directory after unzip.

Currently, without the command ‘grin server config’, the node/wallet data normally store in /home/user/.grin/ or user directory in Windows.
Maybe current file/directory structure is better for developers. Somehow, from normal users’ perspective, I feel not quite good (just about the feeling and experiences of using an app).

I tried Beam node/wallet, they structured file/directory simply by including necessary things in zip file. User just download / uncompress and run it, everything is in current directory and easy to manage rather than going to the hidden folders.