start epicboost miner

I am absolutely new both in mining and in linux and I would kindly need some help.
Use sapphire rx570 16gb ryzer5 1500x 4gb RAM mobo asus prime b350plus.
I installed ROCm, downloaded ePIC-boost-miner and modified the .toml file as follows, using grinmint as a pool:
run_tui = false
stratum_server_addr = “
stratum_server_login = ""
stratum_server_password = “mypassword”
stratum_server_tls_enabled = true

CUCKAROO (i.e. GPU-Friendly)
#plugin_name = “cuckaroo_mean_opencl_rocm_29”
#device = 0
CUCKATOO (i.e. ASIC-Friendly)
plugin_name = “cuckatoo_mean_opencl_rocm_31”
device = 0

now if I start epicboost (./ePIC-Boost-Miner) it gives me 0gps result with c31 and I do not see c29. From the grinmint dashboard inserting my email I do not see anything …
What am I missing to proceed?

If i find the guide to create a grin node and the wallet but it is based on the latest Grin release version 1.0.2 and I do not know how to use it all with epicboost.
can someone help me easily?
Sorry for my English and in advance thank you