SparkPool Supply Test for Grin Mining

Hi, dear miners.

We are SparkPool, the second biggest Ethereum mining pool in the world. We have been supporting Beam successfully and now our Grin pool will launch at the same time as Grin’s main net launch. Now we supply test for Grin mining, you can connect to our node to mine Grin. Test server: .You can visit our website to check your mining income.Here is the introduction of Mining Grin in SparkPool.

Hi cz! Thanks for heads up. Are you going to change ports into mainnet? I am looking to set it up for mainnet now should I just leave 6666?

Hi sandwich,
Mainnet servers are as follows,

Thank you! I will be there!

Failover option port:16666

These are for Grin-c29, c31’s server address are in our website too.