Some advises for grin community

Fans of grin coin are suffering from poor quality code, tortoise development speed, endless meetings, postponed and postponed plans, and bleak coin prices. However, the managers of the Gulin community are receiving high wages and huge bonuses on a monthly basis, and they are actually paid in fiat currency. It is recommended to reduce these expenses and pay 100% in Grin coins, so that they are with Gulin fans. Co-prosperity and shame

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In fact, if you can’t figure it out, our Chinese fans can help. Just taking a few bitcoins from the fund is enough for a company to implement certain functions on its behalf. Instead of waiting for half a year and half a year, spending a large amount of money, and waiting for a crappy slatepack function

that should go under rant & flames, not governance. Slatepack is a great protocol but everyone would be happy if you shared a better solution with us, i suggest creating a forum post explaining a better approach. What/Who is Gulin and how is it related to grin?



Gulin=Grincoin in Chinese

I don’t know the technology. But this is what you should go to see David being mocked at Litecoin. This is the grinning lead developer. Litecoin fans are not used to his work like you are.

Is this how grin works? No one will directly give you a perfect solution, because this requires a lot of time and cost. If there is, like your lead developer david, it is bragging. So do you expect McDonald’s to make a five-star steak?

So the first step should be to find a good cook

The second step I think is that you should change your European-style meeting-off-get off work-meeting model. I don’t think the meeting can solve anything directly. It may just cover up something. At Tesla, the president who fails to complete the planned task will also Fired directly

I don’t think Ignotus or Satoshi (inventor of BTC) would agree with you. GRIN is supposed to be digital cash, not some get-rich-quick ICO that rushes to iterate at 2021 speed – the money that you suggest be used is not any one person’s and nobody is rushing to try to spend it without the highest quality reasons.

The developers who get paid from the CC Fund are putting in effort on their own time for the incentive they chose and expect.

This is all completely FAIR.


And do what? You keep spamming the forum like you have any answer: “throw money at the problem”, but you don’t know anything and you don’t know how to contribute constructively.

Why don’t you do some research here: and then let us know if you have some good ideas?

And have code quality comparable to famous “top” Chinese IT products like WeChat / Baidu / TaoBao / AliPay / JD where bugs are not solved but just swept under the carpet? I vote no.

Yeah we should start having some good traditional Chinese meetings like 5000 years ago. Drink some hot water dude and cool down, it is good for your health.

@Vvvvvvv is just one human with some unrational talking, he is not able to speak on behalf of chinese. I’m sorry to see that the rant&flame on Grin spreaded to chinese products and culture. Please @Vvvvvvv stop speaking on behalf of chinese, just be yourself.


EBay was pissed off by Alibaba