Solo vs. Pool Mining Experiment

The Experiment

I purpose an experiment to test the results of mining solo vs. as a part of a pool.

The experiment is simple should happen like this:

For x amount of time, have some (who have the same rig) mine with a pool and some mine solo; then, compare the results in terms of number of grin mined. The experiment should take place during the same window of time to ensure the network variables correlate (ar_scale and difficulty).

If you want to take part in this experiment, let me know.

Round 1

Time period: January 20th - February 4th (21:45 UTC)
Rig: A single Nvidia 2080 Ti mining with cuckatoo_mean_cuda_rtx_31

@Askepios day 3.68 (88.42 hours) solo mine update

  • ~10,000 solutions found
  • ~ 8,000 shares accepted (I think the miner-server connection was interrupted while I was sleeping)
  • 0 Blocks found!
  • Since the start of this experiment, network difficulty and c31 hashpower has more than doubled.
  • Not feeling good about my chances of finding a block solo, going back to pool mining with my tail between my legs :slightly_frowning_face:.@colincr33vey @Newbie2

Clocking in – my updates may be sporadic but I’ll log everything and check in when I can

I did solo for almost week just to see what happened never found a block. Now mining on pool and have some grin finally.

What algorithm? What’s your rig consist of? @tromp said at current network conditions, expected time to get a c31 block solo mining with a 2080 Ti is 15 days.

I3 4gb ram system with Two 1070ti and one 2080 ti. Two 1070 were mining c29. The 2080 ti was mining cuckatoo_mean_cuda_rtx_31 i was seeing 1 reject so worried it wasnt working but switch to pool i can aleast say it works now. But where 15 days coming from to dont see where trump says this but Interested.
Thank you

1/20/19 on gitter

I believe he based this simply on the probability given the current network difficulty and ar_scale. He then went on to say about the 2080Ti on c31:

This is what I mean to test!

Thank you for responding. I’ll switch my rig to do solo on c31 and report back in 25 days.

How to set up solo mining?

im going to switch back to the pool. I will follow your post see if your luck changes.

So which one is better by far? Solo or Pool mining?

A week for nothing with solo mining.

I did not successfully mine a block in a week. Interested to see conclusion from Askepios experiment.

I think you are looking at 1,780 hours to mine a block at the current difficulty with a rtx 2080ti (C31).

And it’s only going to get harder as time goes on. I would just stick to a (good) pool.