Solo mining & chain_validation_mode

Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to try solo mining grin. I’ve got my server up and running, but I’m not sure if I have everything in the grin-server.toml set correctly. How should I have the chain_validation_mode set for solo mining? Currently it’s set to false like this: chain_validation_mode = “Disabled”

For solo mining should I change that to “EveryBlock”?
Would it help the block chain if I set it to “EveryBlock”?

Just trying to figure things out and looking for ways to help when I can.

chain_validation_mode is actually a little confusing and is only really there for legacy reasons.
It should be left as Disabled (the default) for normal operation.
Setting it to EveryBlock will force a full chain validation to be run after processing every block - which is useful for debugging validation problems, but not much else. It is also very slow to run on mainnet

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