Slow block propagation of newly mined blocks?

I started 2 full nodes mining. When one found a block I checked to see how long it took before the other node saw it and started mining on the latest block. Should I be concerned with the results? It took 1 minute and 50 seconds. Maybe just because my node is broadcasting it to only 1 other miner?

Found the block here:
   Mar 03 00:24:07.058 INFO (Server ID: Port 13414) Found valid proof of work, adding block.

My node reported it here:
  Mar 03 00:24:07.284 DEBG broadcast_block: cb569272, 531342256 at 86053, to 1 peers

A second remote node didnt see it until here:
  Mar 03 00:25:57.283 DEBG pipe: process_block 784cd902 at 86053 with 0 inputs and 1 outputs.
  Mar 03 00:25:57.322 DEBG pipe: process_block 784cd902 at 86053 is valid, save and append.

Edit: Oh, from the blocks hash it looks like the block I mined on the first node never made it to the second node…the second node got a different block at height 86053 and even half an hour later appears to still be on a different chain.

Also, I’m a bit concerned that sometimes a mined block does not get broadcast to ANY peers, even when peers are connected. ex:

grin.log:Mar 03 00:44:26.318 DEBG broadcast_block: 0cf2742e, 531342165 at 86060, to 0 peers
grin.log:Mar 03 00:48:31.451 DEBG broadcast_block: cb93ea4d, 531342286 at 86061, to 0 peers