GRIN Block Propagation Problems

We’ve noticed that there is a problem with Grin nodes communication.

Are SparkPool and F2Pool intentionally keeping the blocks and then releasing them or is it just a network problem?

We are sometimes receiving blocks with a huge delay.

For example:
20190725 21:37:46.598 INFO grin_servers::common::adapters - Received 8 block headers from

We’ve checked all our servers: EU, US, ASIA. They are connected great and receive the block information at the same time:

You are welcome to discuss also on twitter:

Hi @2Miner, looking at how Grinscan shows the blocks in real time it seems relatively unlikely. How many peers do you have on each node?

I noticed your Network hashrate calculator doesn’t look right, it’s showing approximately double what it should be:


Have you read this? On cuckarood29 graph rates & On dual PoW, Graph rates, gps, and Difficulty