See price, volume of exchanges trading Grin with deposit/withdrawal/pool integration

Hey everyone!

This just-in and we are experimenting with providing more essential info with regards to deposit, withdrawal, and pool integration for exchanges that are trading Grin.

We hear that lots of people are confused because there is just so many ways to work with a Grin wallet ie. Slate file, grinbox, http, keybase, pool transfer, and so on…

As such we invite you to try our beta release at

Let us know what you think and we attempt to complete the info



Are you guys testing these withdrawal methods yourselves? Even when I see methods listed, I sometimes suspect that the exchange claiming a withdrawal method does not mean that it actually works.

what exchanges have never lied? I dare you to find one example of an exchange you couldn’t completely trust

Trustworthy exchanges? Haven’t heard too much negativity about Gemini (though their fees are high).