Safest exchange in case of eth doomsday scenario?

Are there any exchanges that have grin, but offer no eth pairs, and no tokens built on eth?

I have a doomsday scenario in mind, and I’m trying to limit my exposure to the risk.

Sure is. Check out works great. No kyc, no tether, no eth pairs.

Don’t keep all your fund on exchanges: get on and get back off. The prices will go up that way. Bots are triggered constantly if you keep trades open.


try gold and silver then.

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Hedge with hemp. It’s the future.

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I tried. Iam not strong enough.

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Yeah I don’t have any open trades right now, and I don’t really ever like to leave offers sitting.

I’ll check out tradeogre, thanks!

All of the Yellow Bic lighters are getting bought up at stores… They will get a new shipment in from France and immediately they pick out the good yellow ones. It’s a new kind of investment category like a doomsday exchange.

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This site has the scoop on the exchanges and the uncertified amounts. There could be a mudflood event coming if those coins un tether.

I second that. Tradeogre (even if the interface looks retro) was the only one that was fast no KYC buy GRIN with BTC - get it out via file /quit