Restore from Seeds not working


I have had Grin for a while… I used Niffler as the wallet on a Mac with Mojave OS. used it a few times and then just HODL. I went back recently to move some GRIN and it made me update the wallet. then my password did not work so I had to use the 24 words. I have a very good system for saving the 24 words and they do not work. It says they are not the right ones… I have never had a problem with restoring from seed before…I tried this several times. Any suggestions or comments. Does this have anything to do with the forks or updates?

Thank You

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That should not be the case. The update is on the network level, not on the shema that is used to generate a privatekey from theseed phrase. So first of all do not worry, your coins are not gone.
What error message did you get, in niffler is there autocomplete of the words? If not it could be a typo. Alternatively you can use Grin++ or the official Grin rust implementation to check if the seed you wrote down is correct. I did multiple times recovery with Grin++ so that works well in my experience. Unfortunately I did not test Niffler yet, so I cannot say much about the recovery process of Niffler.

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niffler run grin node so is some as on official so better save your wallet file too

Niffler wallet does have this problem. I’ve encountered mnemonics failure before. Fortunately, there is no grin in my wallet.


Hello… Thank you for the help… The Grin++ did accept the 24 seed phrase.
I think it is a major flaw / bug in the Niffler Wallet as I am not the only one that could not restore using that wallet with the seed phrase. But I am back in now and I thank you all for your help.

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Yes, hopefully @xiaojay will have time to fix the bug in the future.

It should be the problem of your mac version is too old.

the official grin-wallet v0.5.01 does not support old version of mac

Macbook Pro 2018 with Mojave…

I think only catalina cloud work