Request for Interview

Hi there,

I was wondering whether any of the key contributors would like to come on The What Bitcoin Did podcast and discuss the Grin project? The podcast is growing quite quickly, over 10,000 listens per episode.

You can see all previous guests here:
You can email me on


Sure, but we’ve all just come back from grincon0 so would probably prefer to wait at least a couple of weeks before any more engagements. PM me when you can and I’ll see what we can arrange.

Great, I just watched your presentation.
I must be being stupid but I can’t see how and where to send a private message.


@whatbitcoindid tap on yeastplume’s name and pick “message” from the pop up.

I can’t figure out if I am completely stupid but when I click on his name I don’t see that.

Hmm, @whatbitcoindid you might not have privileges to do so yet. How about you DM me on Gitter or Telegram (@lehnberg) and I can facilitate contact?