Request for funding @i1skn (Ironbelly wallet)

I recall Daniel saying in TG that he now thinks different about that. David could also write a proposal and it should get funded. There are three wallets that are doing well and have earned some financial gratitude.

I approve this message

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May I ask what are your plans if the funding request doesn’t go through? Are you simply not going to implement Slatepack, thus making Ironbelly wallet obsolete past HF4?

I highly support this funding request!

I get why you’re asking, but I think this is the wrong attitude (feel free to disagree). The original, not very official forum posts by Igno about the fund talked about using funds to reward contributors, among other things. So we should be asking whether he has earned this opportunity, and whether we trust him to complete the work.

Imho, Ivan has indeed earned this opportunity, as have a number of different ecosystem and core devs. So then the question is, if approved, are we willing to fund requests by all of the trusted ecosystem devs if they decide to submit them? How do you pick and choose which projects to fund, if we aren’t willing to fund all of them? Or is it first come, first serve?

The decision needs to take this all into consideration, because I’m sure there will be additional requests, and we need to make sure we’ve made clear the criteria for ecosystem funding requests to be accepted. Otherwise, we risk choosing favorites, and further centralizing development.


Well said @david, I agree 100% with everything you wrote.

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a request is not shameful

everyone can make a fund request if they need it, which is not shameful even though they wanna make money through it. That’s totally reasonable and I will totally support them if they can contribute to Grin.

but great consideration shall be made for every request like David wrote.

In support of this funding request.
A mobile wallet is a must for adoptation of Grin and slowly Grin is getting to the point that, side by side with the technicial innovations being implemented by the core, spending some money to support usability of Grin is money well spend.
I think especially payment using QR codes, combined with payment via one time use addresses that skip the finalizing steps would be great since this would provide a user experience that is exactly the same as paying with any other cryptocurrency.
For any non face to face payments, payment over Tor using Slatepacks is a must.

Regarding whether someone deserves to paid or not, I think we should look appart from the contribution history also at what the community needs. At this moment Grin only has Ironbelly as mobile wallet, therefore, some investment to have a functioning mobile wallet for the community is money well spend. Indeed it would be good to have some criteria like David sugested. Currently there is not really competition in the Grin ecosystem but it is only a matter of time for such cases will come up.


I am all for this funding request! A much needed tool for the ecosystem. It would be great if node developers could help by creating a secure way to connect to your node without having to put it behind a domain and use a trusted 3rd party certificate issuer.

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This is an interesting concept, perhaps worth opening up a issue (feature)

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It appears as if it has been there for a while (~2 yrs) although there may be other ways to do it as well.

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I totally agree. The criteria should be determined clearly at the beginning.

Pls support and fund @i1skn (Ironbelly wallet)


It is very good request. I think Grin community have to give not 4000 but even 25000 euro premium offering for our needs.

Fukin eh bra ! Thx 4 ur werk sew far !

Any answer from gov core ?
Its aproved or not ?

Will be decided in next governance meeting.


Here is a thread with progress updates Ironbelly - Progress update thread (Sep - Dec 2020)

I like Ironbelly, so I am for this.

I would prefer autocomplete when typing the words. Type the first two letters for each word and get a list of matches to select from. Copy and paste encourages insecure practices, such as storing the key digitally and it is known that some apps periodically read the copy buffer, so I would think it is better to copy the seed phrase at no time.

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Yeah, I agree there is a room for ideas on how to make it better. I also been thinking on showing all of the words ( or just some of them in boxes, so user can just pick them in order).

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