Request for funding @i1skn (Ironbelly wallet)

This is an interesting concept, perhaps worth opening up a issue (feature)

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It appears as if it has been there for a while (~2 yrs) although there may be other ways to do it as well.

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I totally agree. The criteria should be determined clearly at the beginning.

Pls support and fund @i1skn (Ironbelly wallet)


It is very good request. I think Grin community have to give not 4000 but even 25000 euro premium offering for our needs.

Fukin eh bra ! Thx 4 ur werk sew far !

Any answer from gov core ?
Its aproved or not ?

Will be decided in next governance meeting.


Here is a thread with progress updates Ironbelly - Progress update thread (Sep - Dec 2020)

I like Ironbelly, so I am for this.

I would prefer autocomplete when typing the words. Type the first two letters for each word and get a list of matches to select from. Copy and paste encourages insecure practices, such as storing the key digitally and it is known that some apps periodically read the copy buffer, so I would think it is better to copy the seed phrase at no time.

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Yeah, I agree there is a room for ideas on how to make it better. I also been thinking on showing all of the words ( or just some of them in boxes, so user can just pick them in order).

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