Support your local mobile wallet!

Hey, Ironbelly needs your support!

We develop a mobile wallet in our spare time, we also work on Grin (again in our spare time). The wallet is free and opensource and we want to keep it that way.

If you want to see it working on mainnet faster please consider to donate your precious grins

We are working on making donation process more transparent and rewaring, but it may take some time.
Disclaimer - I’m not a lead developer of Ironbelly, it’s @i1skn, I’m involved to some extent.


This looks great, and can’t wait to use it. Could I suggest a design change?
Move the ツ after the amounts i.e. Total 176.591ツ & (including 0.008 ツ fee)

Also, sections that have green text would be more legible on a light gray background.

Thanks for your continued work on Ironbelly, look forward to sharing this with friends and family.

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