All in one place for GRIN

Hi all,

I forked the grinPP code to copy the template of the webpage.
I made a site where you will find everything in one place about GRIN using.
Wallets and tuto, exchanges tuto, live prices

From this place, anybody could be able to use GRIN, it’s not finished yet but I post already here if you have any comment for improvement before final release.



Hi there, for some reason when I visit to day I receive a 404 error.

my bad, I changed the name of the repo


That is an awesome place! Great work! :slight_smile:

Nice. Small typo for the Niffler wallet, it says “Ironbelly is a Mobile wallet available on both Android and Ios”, probably due to copy/paste from the first entry, Ironbelly. Otherwise, good job!

this is not finish yet, still need to translate all the wallet video in English and finish typo also… still work to do

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