Ironbelly - Grin iOS native wallet

Hi all! As some of you might know, I’ve been working on Grin iOS wallet for quite some time now and as I’m getting closer to first alpha release I want to share its preview. It uses Rust official code compiled for iOS + React Native for UI. No servers needed, just your phone. The design is heavily influenced by @GBKS Grin wallet design. Android version is planned as well as support for GrinBox and http based transactions.

Let me know your thoughts, comments.


will there be an android version eventually?

Yes! And I hope it should not take much time, cause I use React-Native +Rust (both of them are cross-platform) porting to Android should not be a huge effort. Also, I would need an Android device, but that’s details :smiley:.

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Will the flexible sending system be on android? Does it actually work? Is there an tor based message system it plays nice with?

Public testing is coming soon!


Is it not opensource?

Essentially, the transaction file can be transferred in any possible way (Email, Signal, Telegram, Keybase, etc.). So, user choose how to transfer the file. Also, file has exactly the same format as grin CLI wallet.
It’s not open-sourced just yet, but will be.


I don’t know phone api’s, but is that breaking sandboxing? If someone is listening to the clip broad is it visible to non-special-google-bullshit?

What’s your favorite grin currency symbol? (I see you’re using a G).

No in Android any app can implement Share intent to expose itself as a transport for other apps.

I do not have a favorite Grin symbol, for now, will need take a look at the options. “G” was used just a working prototype.

@monkyyy does @hashmap post answers your question?

Some ideas, the best (in my opinion) and latest ones at the very bottom.


You get due weight for having developed a wallet and could help is come to some consensus.

this is awesome :smiley: let me know if you need some help w/ testing

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Public (alpha) test of IronBelly, floonet only at the moment

Are you running the Grin node as part of Ironbelly or is it just a client and I still need to run my node somewhere else?

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Node is still required outside for now. Later we plan to embed it inside as well and give user a choice use embedded one or not. But only the node is outside, wallet is all-in on the phone.


You can run a vm of Android with the sdk. But honestly this would be great if u do it

This is now launched for iOS. Way to go!


@i1skn Any plans to add Grinbox support to this beautiful wallet?

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feature requests:
what @Chronos said and
opt-in full node

This is a great start!. Receiving by file is bit of a headache on mobile, but sending is easy with https.

Is it even possible on iOS?