We need a Ironbelly replacement

We need to address the issues of easy to maintain full node wallet and light/mobile wallet

why we need to address escrow services for p2p trading of grin

and we need to address the inter active nature of MW and lighting and its issues before its too late


I would rephrase that to “we need a new IronBelly maintainer”. We should change the name though as requested by @i1skn. And while we are at it. For ease I will refer to it as IronBelly 2.0
I know some of us @trab would love to see a more Venmo style App. Perhaps we can consider if and how that would be implemented in IronBelly 2.0. What would that involve extra? A split bill option, contact list integration (for those who want it)?

In any case that would only be a usefull discussion if there would be developers interested in making IronBelly rise from the ashes. @AceKaplin @ardocrat @davidtavarez, or anyone else interested?


Alternatively, perhaps this is the time to think whether we should go for a Simple Payment Verification (SPV) style mobile wallet.

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I am almost ready to make public release of my app Grim - cross-platform GUI for Grin, its working on Desktop and Android now, soon will try to launch on iOS, we are testing at private repo now, we have also Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @grim_app


Sound great, look forward to using that.


any development is a good thing now

why not create a separate theme