Request for funding - free educational book about blockchain

So, not sure if this is something that is within the scope of Grin Council’s interest, but my name is Krzysztof Bielecki I am lurking in this community since January 2019 and I am author of the book “ABC blockchaina” (“The ABC of blockchain”) that became quite popular here in Poland. Basically, it is huge (over 700 pages) tome covering everything from basics of using cryptocurrencies, through blockchain’s history, to more technical stuff. I might be biased, but I consider it quality stuff and the reviews tend to confirm that.

But enough of the bragging - I am here to tell what is unusual about that book. Basically, I approached various projects and individuals to help make the book free - each batch is branded by different project/individual and the books are available 100% for free at various blockchain/startup/fintech events in Poland (both huge events and small events) and via airdrops in various cities (basically, the book is available for free in various cafes and book stores, no hidden costs). “ABC blockchaina” was also given to plenty of libraries and for students at some universities here in Poland. I think you get the picture - the goal is to spread knowledge about the blockchain tech and make people interested in the topic, give them basics and encourage them to explore the topic even further through lots of info available on the internet.

So, currently I am about to release new and expanded version of the book, with couple of new sections added, one of them being 100% about Mimblewimble and anonymity. I thought it would be cool, if Grin could be the one to fund that batch. 100% funds would be spent on printing the book, there is no fixed amount of copies in a batch (so request for funding can be for 500 copies or 1000 copies or any number of copies), cost to print a copy is about 3-3,5 USD (depending on final size of the new edition). I am not going to lie, there is no additional incentive for Grin in that, Mimblewimble and Grin will be one of the topics covered in the book anyway, no matter what the decision about funding would be, so please look at it not in the terms of profitability, CPC and other metrics, but simply a donation for educational cause. Perhaps not the greatest pitch ever, but trying to be honest here.

I am willing to provide more info about the book and places in which it is available if needed. I am able to prove my identity via the private keys to the public keys that are printed inside the book (or you can simply send me PM on Facebook My e-mail is “kb” at the Gmail domain.

Is there an English version of the book as well? I would love to have a read.

Unfortunatelly, there is no English version. Actually, I think that people who are fluent in English can find lots of interesting stuff on the internet, and I was thinking of that book as of something that could be considered gateway to the world of blockchain for everyday users - and indeed, many people who do not know English that well or are not that much into tech actually read it and understood the basics (and contacted me to ask further questions - there is e-mail in the book), which is really, really rewarding. I like to think about that book as of giving average Joe in the 1990’s “introduction to the Internet” type of book. Learn the basics, learn how to be safe, and then dive into some underlying tech.

If you are interested in what topics are covered in the current edition of the book, it goes more or less like this: introduction, basics/understanding blockchain, what blockchain tech can achieve, Bitcoin, bitcoin as a currency, Silk Road controversy, Altcoins (multiple altcoins described, history of blockchain ecosystem development and various aspects of it), Ethereum as an example of turing complete smart contract platform, detailed explanation of underlying tech (cryptography chapter), forks, how to buy cryptocurrencies, how to store cryptocurrencies, ABC of wallets, understanding block explorer, is blokchain anonymous, mining cryptocurrencies and various type of mining puzzles, cryptocurrencies as an investment, social (Bitcointalk etc.), crypto memes, ICOs, selected projects as an example of what blockchain tech could achieve (eg. how you can implement blockchain to create various stuff, 26 different examples of practical applications described in details and used as an excuse to explain different aspects of blockchain tech), new generation of blockchains (various attempts, pros and cons, good and bad projects, other types of distributed ledgers, crosschain etc.), how to create your own ICO and why you should not do it, anatomy of a SCAM (detailed investigation of one of the crypto scams with tons of exclusive material and warnings to new people in the ecosystem), tokens and non fungible tokens explained, psychological aspects/traps, aftermatch of the 2017/2018 bull run.

Sounds like it would be a great read.

I really put a lot of time and heart into this project! It is my way of giving something back to the blockchain ecosystem. I think each and everyone of us is helping in his own way. Since I am not a coder I can not commit to open source code, but I am a writer with couple of books published in recent years and I thought that would be my thing to do here.

Oh, and BTW, if that is relevant in any way, I am also the one behind first ever Mimblewimble meetup here back in February 2019 and attended two other meetups with the same topic. I also give guest lectures on postgraduate studies about blockchain on one of the universities in Poland and one of the topics I chose was introduction to Mimblewimble.

Funding for a “free” book? I love and respect the initiative and outreach, and I would love to take a look-see, but I cannot read Polish. My guess is that most people in the world cannot as well.