Request for Funding - Assistant Groundskeeper / Satoshocrat / July-Sept 2022

Greetings one and all;

I hope this day finds you with a Grin. I have been enchanted with Grin and Grin accessories for some time, and have appreciated contributing over the passed couple of years. If you don’t know, I am one of a few humble telegram admins, I participate in forum, keybase and twitter discussion advancing exposure of grin’s fundamentals: Scalability, Privacy, Fair / Linear emission.

I ask myself, what more can I do? What do I like to do? Recently, opportunity presented where I feel I can be a positive value-add for the community in form of additional groundskeeper help.

This would not be a full role, but rather I’m envisioning a quality second-hand man; organzing and advising on content for the newsletters and publications, taking up surplus or dangling tasks for the council, disseminating via social media channels and providing outreach / information to new audience etc.

I would be honored for the opportunity to continue to showcase my passion for this project, and feel I can uniquely contribute by way of creative and constructive assistance to the groundskeeper team.

Thank you for your time, feedback welcome.

Time period: July-September 2022
Rate: 500 € /mo


This funding request was approved at today’s CC meeting on Keybase :tada:


Thanks! I will strive to do the grin community (myself included) proud. I do not take the responsibility lightly