Problem - Grin++ App for Android


Does any one of u uses Grin++ App from Google Play store from official page of Grin ?

I have problem with making a wallet on mobile device , got connected to node went through creating a new wallet (password and username) then app just froze/hung on the authentication process.Then kick me to the main menu where my “wallet” is present with my name and all but when i try to open , it cant proceed forward and display : Opennig wallet , please wait… Not authorized

Any idea why this is happening? I see the app was last updated in 2021 so maybe thats the problem.
In advance thank for any help and sorry for bad gramma.

You are correct, the Google Play version is outdated. Instead use the F Droid latest version for Android until it is updated on the Play store.

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Thanks i will try this asap , and one more qestion is there a way to see this app (grinplusplus) in FDroid app ? So i can update the app when need it. Because for now i dont see any grin++ in the search bar or on the FDroid website.

See this previous reply on putting IronBelly on FDroid: