No more Grin wallet available on Google Play?

The Samurai case scared everyone?

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Iron-belly is in retirement

Yes strange, Grin++ was still available on the Android playstore last month.
Maybe David knows more @davidtavarez.

The APK file can still be downloaded:

Same for IronBelly, You can just download the APK file here:

But you do need to connect IronBelly to Grinnode live as described here or connect to your own node for it to work. Not being able to install directly from play-store is a real bummer, because typically if you talk to someone on a meetup who is interested in Grin, they want to go to the app store, install a wallet and directly receive some grin to play with, which is the preferred first user experience.


Maybe… but for Grin++ the APK can be download it from github.


@davidtavarez Any interest in getting back to work on Grin++ :wink:
Quite a few things I would like to see fixed such as no peers issue, problem with rust peers, app not in store :joy: not to mention PIBD.


Of course I will be back, very soon in fact.


Happy to hear that :smiley: : :tada:

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nice now only if we have a Iron-belly replacement mobile wallet