Grin++ option to select remote node

It doesn’t seem Grin++ has an option to connect to a remote node. Instead, you must run a full node on your phone. Is this correct? Or am I just overlooking the setting?

I would really prefer to connect to a remote node. Has this option been discussed at all?

for that you run ironbelly

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No, I do not think it has been discussed since IronBelly does exactly what you describe, connecting to either a central node or one you specify yourself. I would not want to spend funds on it right now, but we could optionally make a Grin++light mobile version in the future. From my experience IronBelly works fine though as mobile wallet, so best just to use IronBelly if you want a light node. Grin++ is specifically for if you want a full mobile node with the added security as well as the added system load unfortunately.

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Ok, thanks. I’ve use Ironbelly before (its great), but I cannot find an APK from a trusted repository. Only available via Google Play or website download.

I don’t trust website downloads for old inactive projects like Ironbelly, because hackers love to snatch up those domains when they expire and host malicious software. It happens all too often in crypto :frowning:

I guess I can build from source :smiley:

Yes you can, IronBelly is not actively developed but maintained, so downloading form the APP store is safe. I am quite certain @i1skn uses a safe account to to upload to the iOS and Android APP store. Also, if you ask him on telegram, he is always responsive in helping people with questions:

So I would argue IronBelly is still very safe to use.

I didn’t say IronBelly wasn’t safe to use. I just said its unwise to trust unsigned APKs hosted on a website which I have no way of knowing the integrity of.

It looks the the only app stores listing Ironbelly are iOS and Google Play. I don’t have either of those. I have to use F-droid or install the APK manually.

Best to contact Ivan on Telegram, it would be great if he could upload it on F-Droid. I am sure you are no the only one who tries to avoid the Google Play store.

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