Potential deprecation of http(s) transaction building

There’s been recent discussion about deprecating http and https listeners for transaction building. If this comes to pass, Grin transactions would instead primarily be built by exchanging text strings or using Tor.

For more details, please refer to the discussion in Tueday’s development meeting, and the RFC proposal that was triggered by the discussion.

Proposed timeline

  1. Announce deprecation: v4.0.0 release (July 2020)
  2. Deprecate: v5.0.0 release (January 2021)

Next steps

The ambition is to conclude ASAP, potentially reaching an agreement in the next dev meeting, May 12 2020. Stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to actively participate in the discussion.


It is probably a no brainer :stuck_out_tongue:

Poloniex here. Grin is already the single most difficult coin to support given

  • Amount of effort it took to integrate
  • Breaking changes that happen regularly
  • Support tickets from users
  • Difficulty keeping the wallet running

I do not want to delist, but such a change like this could require further large investment of engineering resources and I cannot guarantee that our product team will approve of the outlay, despite my personal passion for the Grin project.

I recommend keeping HTTP/HTTPS as an option permanently in order to reduce burden on exchanges.


Thanks for raising these concerns, and welcome to the forums.

We’ve seen many users here who struggle with opening their ports to allow HTTP withdrawal from Poloniex and other exchanges. Do these represent a large number of your support requests? By switching to armored (text-based) slates, you might dramatically reduce your support ticket load.

Open to everyone’s thoughts.

  1. Have you considered using Grin ++ as your exchange wallet?
  2. Have you considered that the reason Grin is the “single most difficult coin to support” is due to you supporting HTTP/HTTPS? Keeping HTTP/HTTPS will ensure Grin continues to be the most difficult coin to support.

Are you serious, or is it trolling ?!

You are just saying that Grin is already the most difficult coin to use, which I agree with indeed.

So a few days or weeks on your side of engineer work to support Tor for example, or the copy and paste method pointed above, for better ease of use for users and as a consequence for you (less tickets) for the rest of your life, is not an interesting idea ?

gimme a break !

Hi, thanks for sharing your view. A friend had to contact your support a lot of times due to the lack of refunding mechanism on an error. Withdrawal ended with an error which was acknowledged and shown on Poloniex history but there was no automated refund on his Grin balance. I’m sure handling such cases automatically would reduce the number of support tickets you get.

I can relate to that. I once sent 2 grin to Poloniex to test withdrawal. It quit with an error. I tried to contact support, but received an error when I clicked on the submit button to send my support message. After several weeks the grin were automatically released. I tried again and received an error for both withdrawal and support. My 2 grin are still at Poloniex :laughing:

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As a representative of Poloniex, you have any comment on this thread? We’re seeing a current outage.

From someone who daily handles grin tx: so far I had only one times an issue with a tor tx (hit a slow tor route that was not relyable at all), no problems with files and well… some failed http(s) tx. The only reason I use it at all is when the receiver wallet or exchange does not support using file transfer (sadly none of them runs tor :frowning: )

So well - especially when it opens up the chance to introduce file or tor instead I would like dropping http.


yes please, move to TOR and never look back :smiley:


A thousand times yes, sir!!

Breaking changes that happen regularly <----- THIS

Breaking changes that happen regularly

Yes! Every 6 months for the first 2 years, to be exact. Precisely like we’ve said from the very beginning, and every exchange, pool, and wallet developer should’ve been aware of when they decided to support Grin.


Fair. But you’ve only managed to prove that we have no right to whine, being adequetely informed. The orignal question was not “Were we informed?” but “Is this the best business model, constant breaking changes?”

Why does this option have to break? Explain to me this. What is gained by breaking this option?

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Hopefully better privacy, security, and usability. Those seem important enough to justify this break, and I think it’s better that we do it now (while we still have planned hardforks left), rather than the future, where it may be much harder to change.

I totally agree with the premise that breaking changes should not be made likely, but this is one of the few, rare cases where I think it makes sense :slight_smile:


I support this breaking change.


I dislike to many changes, but if this solves all port forwarding issues, I am all for it.
I had so many tickets to my mining pool in the early days (2miners), they told me they would not handle any future tickets that had to do with address changes and the like. Just make sure to spam the community via all channels possible to avoid a new wave of tickets to exchanges and mining pools.

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