Out-of-the-box Optimized Mining Rig

Is there an all-ready-out-of-box miner for GRIN.

Operating Instructions:

  1. Open box
  2. Plug-in
  3. Start mining Optimally

I don’t think so. ASICS have not even been released yet, as far as I know.

Depending on where you are, i might build one for you, i have about 36 RX 580 8 GB to sell btw… and the rest of the parts… I can make you 2 Rigs of 13…

  • C29 - 23 GPS
  • C31 - 2.45 GPS
    I’m in Europe, Portugal…

Depending on where you are, I might build one for you. I/m in Russia, Novosibirsk city. :hugs:

Sure. I can even offer the hosting service, $30 per month for each kWt of consumed power.