Ordered G32 mini at Asic mining market but... Is that scammer?

HI, it seems to be a little bit getting hot here lol

For me, I’m disappointed the id is now not found and even my status keeps processing in the site.

They really really send info so personal!
Never reflected even in my account page before I pointed out!

The possibility is getting higher that the id is a sloppy fake by guesswork for the purpose of the excuse!

well… atleast we have all learned a valueable Lesson.

I do not know if that applys here, but just checked the Chain few days ago (it was this week). Till now the grin mainnet has no C32 block yet indicating - for me - that likely the Asic are not in testing yet. A C32 asic that can do 50 g/s (just as a reference, no connection to the announced products) could likely mine a block in a day or two.
For me an indicator that they are not in testing phase yet.

Two delays announced already.
No presence of Grin Miner at the recent Chengdu conference.
Nothing slated for upcoming Grincon
No presence on Mainnet

Anyone in the HW business knows that to be shipping January 2020, the silicon has to be back in the labs and even testing of the rigs has to be in full-flight.

Two possibilities

…silicon is back, not working and original spec was nothing more than copy & paste.
…paying customers have been duped and trusting followers were mis-led.

Can rule out secret-mining as that would be showing up in different ways.

The whole ASIC industry seems like e scam so far :slight_smile:

Just my 2 Grin

My 2 G32-500 Delivered on 22 Oct and https://bitindigi.com support configured for me by anydesk
if you have chance and they have in stock you will receive device in 7 days

G32’s are not shipping until 2020. This site looks like a scam. Are you part of the scam?

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if you have chance and they have in stock you will receive device in 7 days

Asicminingmarket said like this lol

We are located in India and having many distributors all around the world. The miners are brand new. The products are delivered within 5 days average. The Shipping is free for Japan. Grin mini miner Batch 1 shipping is on October and Batch 2 shipping is on January. The customers can pay in Btc.

and now

It is November batch the product will sent to you on 8 November 2019

Batch1 shipping on October abd Batch 2 on January.
So what kind of batch are they planing to send me on November lmao

Anyway, should you really receive the G32-500, show us the evidence such as photos of this item with the newspaper or web news page today or how you actually mine grin or stuff.

And for me, my tracking id NOT FOUND for now…

I am not related to any website , only i see many people scammed with fake websites and i told my experience.
As you now many of companies to make more profit before public release sale devices to some underground companies
i will post a video on youtube for this device

That side is still listing the Obelisk GRN1 Asics that were officially canceled already month ago. Does not increase trust in that shop…

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You look like a scammer at this point. If Inno wanted to make more money now they would be mining on them, not selling them to obscure vendors that have fake products in ‘stock’… BitlnDigi have a GRN1 in stock, when none were ever made. SCAM

look aT the “payment AnD Delivery”

I’m looking forward to your post.

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All ways buy from known companies I don’t buy G32 machines but friends in MinerBros have it, I am bought several miners from them in the past.

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We don’t need advertisement.
Should your friend have already got ones, just prove it with photos, screenshots or something.

We should talk only after that.

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I’d say we have a couple of scammers in this thread @Katejordan @Alexzerian

When do you post a video to report?

He’s my advice to anyone looking to purchase a Grin ASIC * copied from a TG post"

It has come to our attention that lots of scammers are popping up trying to sell Grin ASICs

1)Obelisk never produced any GRN ASICs( They were canceled and never went into production). So, anyone trying to sell you an Obelisk GRN ASIC is a SCAMMER and will 100% take all your BTC.

2)Innosilicon is supposedly still producing their range of Grin(G32) ASICs, however, they have been delayed until ATLEAST early 2020. So, any 3rd party vendor trying to sell you a G32 that is “in stock” is also a scammer.

3)The best advice is not to buy a Grin ASIC from ANY 3rd party vendor (unless you want to get scammed!).

4)Also, watch out for fake websites impersonating the manufacturer (there are a few of these floating around for both Obelisk and Innosilicon)

5)https://www.innosilicon.com/ <—- this is Innosilicon’s real website. If you buy a Grin ASIC from anyone else, then expect to get scammed.

For me, Of course I don’t receive it until now lol

They parroted the terminal date I said again.
I pointed out the official shipment date on January 2020 and they replied that without hesitation lol

I will make inquiry to the Innnosilicon and get them to add the scammer to the alert list.

Thank you for sharing your scam experience.

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