Dear Grin Community,
since the Grin is currently the most profitable coin to mine with a Innosilicon G32 Mini Miner,
i thought i might aswell open a post here. We’ve just restocked on
12x G32 Mini Miners aswell as the
10x G32-500 Miner both available in our store.

This will be the last batch we are selling for this year. Next batch will probably get to us in Q2 2020.

We are shipping from Europe but we will cover the shipping costs to USA/CA/AU aswell as Europe.
If you are from somewhere else, please use the contact form on Shoppy to contact us before ordering.

If you have any questions feel free to open a query with us on shoppy, i probably won’t be online here very often. We are running out of Power Supplies because some people keep buying them without the miners but we are working on a solution for that.

Visit our store here: Shoppy
Enjoy a 15% Grin Community discount with code " GRIN-COMMUNITY-5H72J "
This code can only be used 2 times! First come first serve.
(Users that will leave a review after buying will receive a 10% discount code)

We wish you a merry christmas and good mining profits :wink:

Best regards, DotJS

Calling us scammers is character assassination and it’s a criminal offense if you do not have any proof. Atleast in our country. Please use your brain before posting, thanks.

“We have restocked on …bla blah”
Who is “We”?

  • The Manufacturer sells the G32 Mini Miner for 1250 $$$, you sell it for 985$$, that makes a whopping discount of 265 $ ( ~ 21 %)
  • The Manufacturer takes currently only pre-orders, you claim you got the miners in stock.
  • While the Manufacturer offers bank transfers as a payment method (which can be revoked when you get scammed) you only offer BTC/LTC/ETH as Payment method, say goodbye to ur crypto scammed customers.

Thanks for your reply. We have been selling miners since over 6 months now. The first batch was sold out after 1 week. These were miners that were personally used by us. Since we were able to get a good profit from selling those miners, we ( me and my wife ) decided to start reselling those products. We can offer them cheaper because we do not pay taxes on any of the products we bought from them. The batch we are currently selling was ordered 5 months ago exactly after our first batch was sold out.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Best regards, DotJS

Can you post photos?

Sure I will follow up this post with some pictures tomorrow. Im already home.

Calling us scammers is character assassination and it’s a criminal offense if you do not have any proof. Atleast in our country. Please use your brain before posting, thanks

There is a legitimate interest of users to discuss if some sketchy offering may be a scam, if you can’t stand it stop behaving like a scammer instead of threatening users that such discussions may pose a “criminal offense”.

Noob anonymous scammer that did close to zero research, just half-assed copy paste from manufacturer’s website. Must have an exclusive distribution deal with the manufacturer eh? Zero store info, zero contact info, only accepts crypto for payment. “Im already home.” but can’t take pictures until tomorrow. Joined forum 3 hours ago. Such ASICs would sell for a premium over retail if available 2nd hand right now, yet seller wants < retail. Claims to be mining with these Grin ASICs yet not reflected on c31 net hash. You fail at scamming. BS meter is at 100% with this clown.

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We were mining 6 months ago for about 1 week. Miners are in our warehouse. Will follow up this post with pictures tomorrow with date and our username so you can see for yourself :slight_smile:
Have a nice evening.

Oh so cringe worthy. Manufacturer said this ASIC was delayed until Jan 2020 due to complexity, yet you claim that you had this vaporware half a year ago. Such a lazy scammer, again, zero research on your behalf. So bad, so sad. https://en.cryptonomist.ch/2019/10/01/innosilicon-grin-mining-asics-2/

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“Calling us scammers is character assassination and it’s a criminal offense if you do not have any proof.”

Wrong. It’s a criminal offense if it’s not true.

In case of a G32 ASIC been avail I would have expected either / or:
A) A C32 block on chain that was mined with in during testing
B) A C31 block that was mined / relayed less then 400 ms (approx time a 2080 ti needs to do one C31 run) after the previous block.

Both we have not seen yet - the only C32 blocks on chain are known to be GPU mined. Also Innosilicons reputation is hurt a lot by the delays… in case there would be something to show I am certain they would do. But no official sign yet.