I want to buy a Grin miner

Hi, I want to buy a grin miner. I have found one on this site:

and it redirects to this one

Is this site trustful? Do you have some trustful source, where I can buy now a grin miner?


Obelisk is cancelled. Check asicminervalue.com. I am selling Innosilicon G32-500 November batch included shipping for $4000.

Don’t know about the source but the miner GRN1 is cancelled and will not be dellivered.
I would suggest get some Graphic cards new or used and make your rig :+1:

Hello, niko! Innosilicon has some great miners though, they are pre-order so take just do a little research before buying. :slight_smile:

Good info! I’m also interested in mining. Thanks for the links!