Grin ASIC Miner Summary and ROI Estimation

Till today, based on the public news, here is the summary of Grin ASIC miners:

Miner Vendor Price($) C31 Hashpower (GPS) C31 $/GPS C32 Hashpower (GPS) Power (Watts) Total Produced Type Efficiency (GPS/kW) Delivery Date C31 Life (Months) C32 Life (Months) Pre-Saled Number
GRN1-Mini Obelisk 2,000 70 28.6 - 400 15,000 C31 175.0 2019-10 10 - 55?
GRN1 Obelisk 10,000 420 23.8 - 2,200 2,500 C31 190.9 2019-10 10 - 78?
GRN1-Immersion Obelisk 20,000 840 23.8 - 4,400 1,250 C31 190.9 2019-10 10 - 7?
G32-Mini Innosilicon 799 21.5 37.2 4.5 140 ? C31+C32 153.6 2019-06 14 26 ?
G32-500 Innosilicon 2,888 100 28.9 20 520 ? C31+C32 192.3 2019-06 14 26 ?
G32-1800 Innosilicon 9,388 328 28.6 65.6 1,800 ? C31+C32 182.2 2019-06 14 26 ?
G1 Vidtoo ? 50 ? 12 150 ? C31+C32 333.3 2019-07 13 25 ?
G1-Plus Vidtoo ? 560 ? 120 1,500 ? C31+C32 373.3 2019-07 13 25 ?


  • The Innosilicon didn’t publish their total produced data
  • Vidtoo didn’t publish their spec

There’s no way to give a ROI estimation without these. It’s appreciated if all ASIC miner vendors can provide these data trustworthy, to give a healthy mining ecosystem.


  2. Obelisk GRN1 Full Sale

[Updated at 4th May, 2019]:

Obelisk’s sale for their GRN1 was closed according to their info on website:

This sale will close on May 3, 2019. Obelisk expects to ship orders in October 2019.

And based on the public sales info, only about 101 GRN1 has been sold.

Note: “GRN1 Mini units count as 1/6th, and GRN1 Immersion units count as 2.”

I believe it’s quite far from a success sale for GRN1 - the 1st announced Grin ASIC miner. For 101 GRN1, it will increase C31 hash power for about 3.6k or only 5% (suppose no other ASIC miners) for current C31 hash power . We can imagine the main reason for this poor sales data is the short life period of GRN1. Because C31 will start phase out from 2020-01-15 (and completely phase out at 2020-08-11), and GRN1 “shipping estimated for October”, GRN1 only has about 10 month life period.

To summarize, C31-Only ASIC should be produced and delivered at the 1st time of Grin mainnet launching, otherwise, the C31/32 compatible ASIC solution (such as Innosilicon G32 miner and Vidtoo G1 miner) is the better choice for ASIC manufacturer. Hope Obelisk’s next generation GRN2 will have better performance and sales.

The good point of Obelisk’s GRN1 is their public promise of Sale capped at 2,500 units, and their transparent Order Counts, and of course their 5% donation promise to Grin development. At these aspects, both Innosilicon and Vidtoo are like a blackbox for community, nobody know how many G32 and G1 miners they will produce, and whether a big centralized Grin mining farm will grow up from these non-transparent ASIC miners in the near future.


Very nice work on this table, @gary!

I really like to have one G32-Mini. It has pretty low power consumption, good price and can be probably also profitable for 3-4 months, until Obelisk will join the pool.
But after all ASICs released, it will be probably dead gadget.
0,5 Grin per day would be still worth, when it lasts for few years

Very nice, thank you

On what basis do you calculate that it will be profitable for 3-4 months? Nobody has been able to produce a way for these to be profitable on their own let alone with the other market entrants. Your calculations on 3-4 month ROI would be useful under those circumstances.

Kindly share your assumptions to get to profit in 3-4 months?

There is no basis, just my pure naive prediction.
There is a chance to make profits from Innosilicon miners, until Obelisk and others, will ship their ASICs later. But again, it´s only my little guess.
Looks like Grin is going down right now, so I´d better buy Grin straight and will not buy any ASIC at all.

During the first couple months (when the Inno devices are supposed to be out) I think the mining returns are still throttled. Even for that I’d sure like to know if anyone has any formulas for estimating an ROI.

In any case, agreed on buying vs. mining. For $3,000 you can get 1,326 GRN today. I don’t think there’s anyone here that believes that the GRN mini could mine 1,326 GRN in 6 months, so it’s already a win----plus you avoid having pay electricity costs and (in the U.S.) additional taxes at market value for GRNs as they’re mined; and avoid having to dispose of the e-waste after 6 months.

You are absolutely right, I am above to buy some Grin these days, and maybe later during the year when the price will be this low or even lower. Definitely better strategy, than buying an ASIC and wait for the miracle.

Grin Asics will only become applicable for ‘retail’ investors if the Grin price increases rapidly over a short period. Many will be hesitant to buy Grin at current market prices,because, they feel like price is going lower- So they’re waiting on the sidelines. If price was to suddenly spike due to ‘xyz’ and continue rising there will be a point where purchasing an early Asic appears the most efficient way to obtain Grin.

Agreed but this is a presale and the Grin Mini closes on May 3 (for October shipment) so the buy/no-buy decision is this week, not at the time the price spikes.

(A correction to my comment above—I said the GRN Mini was $3k but it’s $2k so the ROI would be (at today’s prices) 896 Grin (if bought on an exchange) vs about 1,500 Grin (if buying ASIC then mining, paying electricity + taxes, based on the 1.7 factor in another thread).

Your numbers are wrong for GRN1.

To quote @Taek

“The most that we are willing to guarantee is that we will not manufacture more than 2500 GRN1 units (where GRN1-Mini’s count as 1/6th, voucher conversions count as 1, and GRN1-Immersions count as 2).”

So it can be 2500 GRN1 units and zero of Mini and Immersion.

Or some combination like 1500 GRN1 + 750 GRN1 + 250 GRN1 == 1500 GRN1 + 750*6 Mini + 250/2 Immersion units.
etc etc.