Any predictions for how much profit GRIN ASICs will be making in August?

I’d love to see how your guys’ predictions of how much profit GRIN ASICs will be making when they are supposedly released. More specifically, Innosilicon’s asics (such as the G32-500).

Currently, the profit is about $70 / day (With a hashrate of 100Gps and 520W)

My predictions is that it will fall by 3 fold, perhaps $23 a day from Innosilicon’s figures alone - but I don’t know how many Obelisk have sold yet.
Any figures on this?

(Innosilicon have sold 3000 units, with a mean hashrate of 150 Gps per asic)

It completely depends on how many units Innosilicon is going to produce. As far as I know they haven’t published any maximum number.

It also completely depends on the price of grin at the time. Price can easily jump to $20 or fall to $0.20, either of which would make a huge impact.

Some people are predicting the profit will be $0/day. In other words, they will not be going to market.

BTW, Where do you get the reference point of 3000 units with a performance of 150 Gps per ASIC for Innosilicon?

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You can setup an order with them and your order number will reflect that.

When I bought one, at the end of the April, pre-order, the order-number reflected GRIN[date][order-number] which is an estimate for how many they sold. Of course, this could be false but take that in mind.

The mean hashrate of their ASICs is 150GPs.

What also comes into consideration is the proportion of ASICs they produce. I’d imagine that the smaller ASICs,that are weaker, sold the most - especially the one that fits into a PCIE slot. So, the mean hashrate could be interpreted any way you’d like.

Overall, it’s mostly speculation. Like the price. We just have to wait and see…

I’ve tried to somewhat predict what the profitabilites will be, but the thing is if the miners are profitable, Innosilicon will likely produce miners for themselves, it’s just the way ASIC companies work, the only time they make miners that are profitable for everyday people it’s when the market is doing very well, as tempting as it is to pre-order a miner and mine at the peak, it’s a very risky investment, specially with a coin new to ASICs. If the market goes bearish or either company is being dishonest (both of which have a history of doing, as it’s the case with pretty much all ASIC menufacturers) you could be looking at a pretty painful lost.

We all take risks when mining, but for me at least, it’s critical that I know the risk. We simply can’t know how much of a gamble will be getting a Grin miner. This is just my opinion on the matter and if someone who knows more can quantify the risk, I hope they do great, but I can’t recomend something I personally decided not to put my own money on. I hope you make a massive profit, but I would be cautious and not assume we know all the relevant information. When you get your miner, plug that fucker in and hopefully you can tell me I missed out on an oportunity. Best of luck.


My prediction is that they make about 5-6¢ per kWh, i.e. miners with residential rate electricity won’t even plug them in. Industrial miners with 3¢ power will continue to profit.

This has nothing to do with GPU’s vs ASIC’s or the PoW or anything like that. It’s just first semester microeconomics for commoditized widgets.

IMO industrial miners are not a bad thing as long as there’s enough different ones.

This is a common perception that isn’t quite true. Even if an ASIC miner is profitable, it can be better for the manufacturer to sell that miner immediately to capture most of the net-present-value and improve cash flow. This can allow a faster growth rate in the miner production chain and an increased rate of return on equity for the manufacturer. This effect is especially true if the manufacturer is growing fast or has significant debt on the balance sheet.

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