Innosilicon asic miner

Guys what do you think about Innosilicon Grin asic miner? Is it worth to buy it now? What is the probability of “fake”?

The probability of “fake” is very low, but will their GRIN ASIC be profitable - nobody can tell you… I was a buyer of Pinidea motherfucking DU-1 miners, ant then Bitmain fuck them D3 ASICs… So you never know about profitability… Mine now and HODL.

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I mine now, but only with one 1080TI. 7gps is not so much, want 100+ :blush:
Also looks like it is way moooooore easier to just buy some coins, instead of mine.

One might consider waiting until more details of the Inno spec are released for both C31 and C32. The original expectation was early April. But we are now hearing April 15.

Fair questions to ask would be:

  1. 100 GPS, 500 W, for C31 as the low end…how realistic is this?
  2. April tape-out with August ramp…how realistic is this?
  3. Public specs may not be the same as the private specs…is this true and/or what has changed?
  4. Memory interface and architecture should be shared, so SMEs can help the community on understanding if the power to performance numbers are attainable.
  5. Very little has been shared on C32 but has been promoted as a significant differentiator. Isn’t the absence of specifics a concern for the buyer? Most would say “yes”.
  6. Batch2 is being offered as pre-sales, implying Batch1 is over…and still no specs. How is that possible?

The Grin community deserves clarity so an informed decision can be made. JMHO

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Only if you have some money to spend for buying coins…