Ipollo G1 grin miner news

I saw a post about this miner but didn’t have specs or info. First and foremost,Oblelisk and innosilicon are not selling grin miners right now. If you run across a site that says they are selling…runn…run fast. They are scammers…
Especially obeliskimmersion website.
I been scammed a few times trying to obtain the g32-1800 and almost got scammed thru obelisk immersion. Obelisk tech sent me a message saying all are scams and no such model has been produced.
Now on the brite side,Ipollo is producing a G1 miner. It hashes cuck31 at 160hs and cuck32 @42hs both are around $100 day,cuck32 as much as $130 day. Only problem…its almost 10k…suppose to be a lil quieter then normal and is set to release in December. Also todek is coming out with new combo miner in January, todek C/H…it will mine either ckb at 12.5 th/s and hns @600gh/s at around $6k. Honestly,I’d love to buy this miner,but if innosilicon or obelisk do decide to sell this miner. I haven’t heard back from either yet. Alibaba sellers are taking 50% deposit right now on the G1 miners to lock up a unit. Limited supply from what I understand…but again,if either one of those 2 manufacturers come out with a miner…this g1 is toast because theirs are much bigger. Hope this helps.

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Googling on the above, made me find… this.



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That price tag tho… it’s up there. :speak_no_evil: