Grin is now more ASIC friendly than ASIC resistant

with Cuckatoo31+ rewards now at 51% …


Is innosilicon the only asic manufacturer for Grin? I can’t seem to find any other asic for cuckatoo. I’m not looking to buy into $10k asics that keep getting delayed, and it looks like the chain is getting taken over by one manufacturer.

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Grin ASIC == :poop:.

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Maybe the delay is caused by the manufacturer mining with the produced hardware instead selling it, but it’s just a wild guess without any background information

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Let’s hope other asic grin manufacturers exist - even while they don’t sell asics on a public market.

Ipollo G1,the cost is around 10k

Joined 47 min ago who are you ? how you know price is 10K or you just spam here?