ASICs mining after 09.17.2019's hardfork

I read a news article about GRIN ASICs mining telling that after yesterday’s (09.17.2019) hardfork GRIN will be blocked to mine with ASICS.

Also in this forum post of the hardfork I read that ASICs manufacturers will be discouraged from building specialized hardware for mining GRIN.

I ordered an ASIC mining device to arrive on in fall, so can anyone from GRIN team explain me if this is the case? are you blocking/discouraging the ASICs altogether so I won’t be able to use the device/profit or is this is for blocking the use of ASICS for the GPU based algorithm?


Your ASIC investment is fine. See my comments in

got it. Thank you very much.

Which ASIC did you go with? The delayed Inno G32?