Miners profitability

are the ipollo G1 on algorithm 32 really putting out $200 a day?

Yes, 200/day for the G1 with the current Grin price is correct if you would assume no increase in the hash rate. This assumption will not hold for long if many G1 miners hit the marke the hash rate will surely increase! Assuming an price of around 25k, hash rate of 42 G/s, 3000W power consumption, electricity price of 0.1$ you would have ROI in 126 days with the current hash rate.

However, according to their website the G1 is sold out.


check out this link what about the Obelisk GRN1 Mini it claims to have a 15 day payback
any words of wisdom on this is it fake?

[Cuckatoo31 Mining Hardware Profitability Comparison | Cryptominer Deals](Cuckatoo31 Mining Hardware Profitability Comparison | Cryptominer Deals
are you presently mining a coin and if u are whats your setup if you wouldnt mind sharing

The Obelisk GRN1 was cancelled long time ago, see this forum post:

Yes I mine Grin on RTX 2080 Ti INNO3D and get around 0.76 G/S. I am still waiting to receive the G1 Minin miners from iPollo. As far as I know, the G1 and G1 Mini are the only viable ASICs around.
In general, if something sounds to good to be true, it is. E.g. ROI of 15 days, why would they even sell such a miner and not just use the miners to mine for themselves privately and earn much more than they would get from selling?

thank you for your response. would you be able to give me the price of the mini and what you expect your profit could be on a daily basis

Quoting my own post from:

The ROI would be 91 days. This is equivalent of an income of 600/91 = 6.6$ or around 19 Grin per day. The question is if the G1 Minin is available though, their website that the first batch has sold out, you have to contact the sales from iPollo:

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