Buy from ----> G32-1800

Hello guys! i’d like to buy a G32-1800 for mining.

-I’m looking on for profitability. Can I trust in this graphic?

-I’m reading online about delay of innosilicon and about some users that send money to this company and receive no ASICs and no Refund. So i’m thinking to use an intermediary. I have chose What do you think about? Thanks everyone

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Using an intermediary may increase your risk instead of reducing it.

As far as I can understand, innosilicon is the only seller of grin asics and they will only ship to you once they’re done mining with them.

Hmm…i opened a chat with and they sad that in case of problem they MAYBE can refund me. Maybe can be Better than innosilcon , i check on trust pilot And they sad that have “particolar condition with innosilicon” , i Will pay only 13,500€ (i haven’t other tax). I don’t know what to do

It seems the general mode of operation around here is to get scammed. It you want to join the scammed, send your money away! :slight_smile:


Obv , i don’t want to be scammed. I’m looking for experience and opinions.

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Hello Killdead,

We will be happy to help you out. Please verify our company:

Fill in this VAT number: 859322312B01

We are a trusted and registred company and active in the Crypto mining since 2010.

Kind regards,

Scam,this miner hasn’t been produced…ask they will tell you.