Ordered G32 mini at Asic mining market but... Is that scammer?

Hey, guys.
Do you know https://asicminingmarket.com/ ?

I ordered 2 items of G32-mini batch 1 there on October 5 and another 2 items on October 9.
But there’s no announcement about shipping and they haven’t sent a tracking id yet.

I emailed them several times and they mail me back a few times.
But They don’t look like they start to ship.

Is there anyone who bought miners at this asic minig market ?

Reference Link: https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/asicminingmarket.com

Is that a scammer?

They said they are an Indian firm.
My order number is more than 5700 and this site has been set-up about 1 Years and 90 days ago.
So not a few buyers seemed to order there.

Is there anyone who know about this firm?

If my post is out of place, tell me the proper place.

I ordered 2 miners of G32-mini batch 1 and send money on October 5.

Next day they mailed me that the minimum order quantity is 4 miners as G32-mini and urge me to order more 2 miners.
But there’s no warning notes about that in the shopping page https://asicminingmarket.com/shop/innosilicon-g32-mini-grin-miner/
even for now!

But they said G32-mini is batch so I need to order 4 items.

I don’t know what means…

Is there anyone who know or understand that?

So I pointed out about no warning in public again and again
and want them to explain why they try explaining personally and won’t change or add the notes about it on the page.
But they only urge me to order the rest and ignore the other question.
4 days after I order ones and send money, they said

cancellation can only be proceeded within 3 days at the time of purchase it is more than 3 days as orders can’t be cancelled after 3 days.

they want me to order more 2 miners and send money by all mean…

They mailed me and advised me to look at the G32 mini shopping page.
So the sentence below added.
Note: Make sure to contact us before ordering.

Though several email exchanges,they meet my demand to a little bit extent though it’s not far enough.
I finally ordered the last 2 miners they wanted me…
It was on October 9.

At the time the order on October 5 is Onhold and the new order is on Processing.
I mailed them why they change the old order status into Processing several times.
They informed me of the status changed on October 15.
And I mailed them several times how much more days it will take to send me the tracking id
but they haven’t mail me yet.


Note: Make sure to contact us before ordering.

this adding sentence is now erased after I ordered.

What do you think?
Is that a scammer?

sh**, looks like a scammer indeed. Everything you describe is red flag.
why you dont order using official shop ?

I do not know of anything you could do to get back your money.
i hope other people can help, but I doubt it’s possible

good luck, and be really careful with these things. double check, ask friends and family, and also ask online before buying any dodgy online shop.

(my rule is simple I dont touch them)

Your testimony of the interactions makes me think they are trying to scam you into paying for two more miners you would never receive. :frowning:

Honestly, I recommend to buy GPU, it’s more popular, and easy to reuse/resell.
By the way, current GPU price is quite cheap, secondhand is much cheaper. Do your math on ROI.

Thank you for your reply guys.
They console me a lot…

And the shopper mailed me yeastersday.
They said
Dear User,
Your order have been processed it will be delivered to you soon.

That’s it…

They reply TO SOME EXTEND but it has no content.
They still reply for now but not every time.
They have no more money demand for now.
mmm… That Indian firm only seems to be a very very sloppy and shipshod but…

Unfortunately I oredered the last 2 more miners and sent money…

I have a lot of GPUs but the electricity bill is much higher in Japan.

I can’t break even with usual GPUs.

SO G32-mini is a kind of GPU type Asic and I’m really interested in that.
I tried to start to mine with 1~2 miners on tiral but why did this happen to me?

well, you could’ve ordered from INNOSILICON. but the whole crypto franchise is starting to look like a scam

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Oct 19(Sat)
Do you plan to ship them by next Friday, October 25?
Should you dodge my inquiry by Next Week, I’m afraid I have to start to report you as a scammer all around some related places including some scam advise site.

Dear User,
You will receive the product by next friday. As we will dispatch it on Monday.

Oct 24(Thu)
Have the miners of order #5706 #5713 already been shipped?
I’m sure you did.
Mail me now if you don’t ship them yet and tell me when you will dispatch it on schedule.
If you’ve already dispatched them, change my status and send me the tracking id now!
If you dodge my inquiry and not show me the tracking id of this orders BY THIS FRIDAY,I’m afraid I have to start to report you as a scammer all around some related places including some scam advise site.

Dear User,
Your order will be dispatched on Friday we will be happy to serve you out.

So you said you don’t dispatch my order even though you said you would dispatch it on Monday.
Note that I will start to report about you and my order to some scam advise site THIS SATURDAY without the tracking id whatever excuse or shipment report you mail me!

Oct 26(Sat)
You said my order will be dispatched on Friday.
It’s Saturday now.
Respond the message and answer whether you’ve dispatched it or not, and send me the tracking id now!

Dear User,
It is November batch the product will sent to you on 8 November 2019
Your tracking id is: ******←Sorry I blind the number
The id will be functional on November.


They explained for my first inquiry that:

We are located in India and having many distributors all around the world.
The miners are brand new. The products are delivered within 5 days average.
The Shipping is free for Japan.
Grin mini miner Batch 1 shipping is on October and Batch 2 shipping is on January.
The customers can pay in Btc.

They seem to change October Batch into November Batch…,which I wonder might be changed into January ones and even with additional charge for Batch2…

They showed me the tracking id as long as it goes… which has now been not reflected and confirmed by November and I don’t know what day in November…

even upon getting the said machine, the ROI is devastating

Would love to have some numbers (hashrate, electricity, price, ROI estimation)… if you are okay with sharing them, of course! :slight_smile:

check asicminervalue.com . and the machines are’nt out yet, who knows how the numbers will be when it is released

Oh thanks! I thought you meant you had receive the ASIC when you said “even upon getting the said machine”. English is not my first language.

i have nothing to say.

Interestingly, no one from Inno or Canaan/Vidtoo are slated to present at the upcoming Grincon. Why is that?

If these machines were real and shipping, common sense would say they would be front & center, showcasing their superior hardware.

The authenticity of their offering may be hIding in plain sight. Or perhaps they are so sold-out and/or showing only in private venues.


maybe it’s because, it’s all a facade covering a lie

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There is the possible scenario where Inno Grin ASICs get postponed again, or production cancelled (unlikely at this stage, but see Obelisk), yet they are inevitable. Ideally, it’s like what Obelisk said, too costly to make, not enough preorders, so they cancel and just focus on making the best c32+ ASIC, at a better price. It would be less bumpy and more acceptable for this project if there were 3 or more manufactures offering ASIC products for Grin.

Or perhaps it never existed.

The last 8 months has been insightful into how some companies operate. This adaptation of a cartoon strip may resonate with some readers.

We should all remember the hastily posted renditions of the Grin Miner (LHS) and compare it to the HW that was copied (RHS).


Fast forward to the current situation…there are NO miners and Grin community suffers the most.

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