New core team member: @joltz

I’m happy to announce that the core team has invited John Woeltz (@joltz / @j01tz) to join the team, and he has accepted.

John has been making worthwhile contributions to the project since well before launch, having set up our first security audit. He has since continued to improve protocol security, most recently as the leader of the newly formed Security team. Throughout his contributions, he has been a patient communicator, balanced and measured in his writings and interactions with other contributors. John is consistently constructive, responsible, authentic. He’s a force of positive change.

This is the first time a member is added since the departure of Ignotus. Where does it end? What’s the role of the core team? Should all the dedicated people of the project be added? What does the current governance structure mean for centralization, and what are the alternatives? We’re thinking about these questions, and we don’t have good answers yet.

But we do look forward to figuring out how we can improve further, together with John’s help.

Edit: Adding URL to list of core members


Congrats to joltz. Nice guy who’s helpful and contributed. But this speaks volumes about the core and how they do business. I wish the core paid this kind of respect to the only person to provide an open source mining pool or any of the three people to provide GUI wallets to the community that the core largely ignores. The core certainly asks David to do a lot for how disrespectful they are to him.


Congrats, well deserved @joltz