Rumors re: Bitcoin Core devs being Grin Core devs

This article was brought to my attention by people I respect:

What drivel! The quote in the article “Bitcoin Core developers are also part of the Grin development team” is completely made up. Either the author, the interviewee (or both) got this abjectly wrong or are spreading rumors.

I would encourage the Grin Core devs to nip these rumors in the butt.


Can neither confirm nor deny that I am actively working to increase the total supply of BTC beyond 21M… :grimacing:


Unfortunately there is no way to prove either way. I may have contributed code to the bitcoin beta code some 10 years ago.


Sigh, this sucks. There seems to be a new type of trolling importing Bitcoin’s conspiracy theories in our little cryptocurrency corner of world. But it’s not entirely new, we’ve had to correct randoms popping up on Gitter before. Hopefully the founder is just misinformed and confused.

I wish I didn’t have to state any of this, but looks like I do:

  1. Only 2 people in the Grin Core team are anonymous: Antioch and myself. Everyone else is known and non-affiliated with Bitcoin Core.
  2. As has been stated in the last governance meeting Antioch is contracting for 3 months with another company (undisclosed yet but not affiliated with Bitcoin Core) and I’m now employed by the Grin community. Neither of us are affiliated with Bitcoin Core, we’re busy enough as it is.
  3. Last time I wrote a line of C++ was over 15 years ago. And I swear on the whole Harry Potter book series that I’m not Craig Wright. I do not hold 127 PhDs either (although that’d be cool).
  4. My apologies to the all the Bitcoin Core developers and related organizations who are victimized by these rumors. I guess you’re more used to it than we are, and we can perhaps commiserate and fantasize about being left alone while just trying to do our best to benefit this space.

P.S. To conspiracy theorists, I’d take a much more serious look at potential affiliations with the Game of Thrones. Some of us could definitely seem involved.



Whoever shared this with you needs a rant about mental hygiene, creg wright, and other bch poeple hasn’t been trusted in ages, random person who was part of bitmain probably should not be trusted, his words mean less then random internet posters. And you don’t spread known hostile information that doesn’t have content.

You nip this in the bud by ignoring it


(because that CoinSpice article came from Jiang Zhuoer’s Chinese livestream and its China article, I write some Chinese comments here)

莱比特矿池(BTC.TOP) CEO 江卓尔 的3月7日的访谈原文有关段落如下:





这其实是比特币Core 开发者一直以来的想法,有一个直接的证据就是 Grin,Grin 使用了 MimbleWimble 零知识证明。在 2016 年和 2017 年,这个技术刚出来的时候,比特币Core 开发者对这个技术非常感兴趣,他们本来想把这个技术运用到比特币上的,但比特币不适合纯匿名,于是他们匿名做了新的项目,这个项目就是 Grin。

Grin 是永不减半的…


  1. "这(比特币增发)其实是比特币Core 开发者一直以来的想法,有一个直接的证据就是 Grin… Grin 是永不减半的
  2. 比特币Core 开发者…于是他们匿名做了新的项目,这个项目就是 Grin


Igno 上面的回帖已经说得很明白了,Igno 和 Antioch 都和比特币Core开发无关,其余实名的核心开发者也都不是任何我们已知的比特币Core开发人员。 江卓尔 在访谈中的原话是“Grin的两名匿名核心开发者实际上是我们知道的比特币Core的核心人员”,谣言自破。


Grin的发行政策讨论最早见于Launchpad的记录为:Lightning in Scriptless Scripts : Mailing list archive : mimblewimble team in Launchpad ,开头是这样的:

dear imblers, Ignotus and me both seem to share the opinion that a tail-less (i.e. fees only) schedule may be undesirable.

邮件发送人是 John Tromp (Grin Core开发者之一),开头一句话就是 “我和Igno好像都觉得比特币的定期减半发行政策(若干年以后矿工没有区块奖励而只有交易费收入)可能不合适。



I think Grin is a Core experiment to test this idea. Bitcoin Core developers are also part of the Grin development team. As we have noticed, Grin is a very interesting project that has no halving mechanism.

关于 “Bitcoin Core developers are also part of the Grin development team.” 的谣言 Igno 上面已经澄清过了。而 “I think Grin is a Core experiment to test this idea.” 则纯粹是意译过头,江卓尔 的中文原话中并无对应的词句和含意。

总之,Grin不是任何人或任何团队的实验品,Grin 的固定速率发行政策是Grin社区经过长期的考虑和讨论最终选择的最适合Grin愿景的独特而完美的发行政策,这里不再重复,详情可以参考以下链接:

  1. Emission rate of Grin
  2. Reddit - Dive into anything
  4. 上文的中文翻译稿:

The source is a guy who’s crypto portfolio is only 30% BTC and 70% shitcoins like bcash and EOS. Ignore!