- Fediverse for the GRIN community

I know some of you here are familiar with the Fediverse, the open and decentralized social web (I’ve also mentioned it around the forums…):

The Fediverse (a portmanteau of “federation” and “universe”) is an ensemble of federated (i.e. interconnected) servers that are used for web publishing (i.e. social networking, microblogging, blogging, or websites) and file hosting, but which, while independently hosted, can communicate with each other. On different servers (instances), users can create so-called identities. These identities are able to communicate over the boundaries of the instances because the software running on the servers supports one or more communication protocols which follow an open standard. As an identity on the fediverse, users are able to post text and other media, or to follow posts by other identities. In some cases, users can even show or share data (video, audio, text, and other files) publicly or to a selected group of identities and allow other identities to edit other users’ data (such as a calendar or an address book).

So today I’m introducing as a social platform similar to Tw*tter in which you can express your thoughts and updates for your projects for GRIN and anything else – this is a free and open social media platform for our GRIN community.

In short - is a way to join the Fediverse, to be part of the GRIN community, and escape the Big Tech™ stranglehold on public discourse.

Find cool people to follow:

I’m available here:
Slatepacks Market:
Steam Giveaways (literally simply like to win):
A bot that tracks all earthquakes:

& Here is the whole network tab: If you see someone you like, click their picture, then click “Follow”. Soon, you’ll follow enough people that you’ll find new, cool people via people you follow. (Please note that we should follow GRIN’s Code of Conduct while using, however I will not police content made by others on other instances if it’s not illegal or causes harm to us - see the “scope” section in our CoC)

ALSO: you can follow anyone on twitter by searching for their in the search box.

Don’t be afraid to like, repeat, or reply

Contrary to other social networks, replying is actively encouraged, even to people you don’t know. The fediverse is generally friendly and waiting to hear from you. Don’t be shy - just post! Feel free to speak any language.

If you don’t want to join this instance you can still join the Fediverse by way of any other instance or you could consider hosting your own instance for yourself and your friends to ensure the health of the fediverse as a whole. A super easy way to get started hosting your own is available at for a small monthly fee or you can submit a request to cofespace for a free single-user instance!

Also available on

Hope to see you there!


Great idea… I donate 50 Grin already :smiley:


Looks good :heart_eyes:. I assume you have a no tracking policy (not loggin IP’s to users in any way).

I am so happy I can finally join a ‘Social media’ channel of Grin without the need to provide a phone number or other identifiable information. Privacy and anonymity should be the default, so I will join the Fediverse.

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I have a no-logging policy on this server (which may change if the service is abused which I believe is fair e.g. someone posting CSAM). This forum for example must have logging for issues related to that or scams etc.

Anyway, that’s how it is right now, it’s my understanding the onion link isn’t being routed correclty which I’ll work on this week – and I wanted to get your input on the following:

Do we want privacy from the clearweb and from being indexed on Google? This will obviously kill any SEO but will also greatly increase privacy to everyone.

Initially I lean to blocking crawling but after second thought I personally always love finding niche forums, it always feels like hitting gold so I like the thought of others having that same experience stumbling across our little mines. Thank you for building this for us.

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Updated to the latest versions of everything and fixed our horrible federation bug which prevented us from seeing the entire Fediverse network.

Simply click on the “Fediverse” link on the left to see the network timeline.

We’ve also upgraded to the latest Soapbox and Soapbox-BE. Thanks so much to @ceruds from poast who helped me with this.

Small disclaimer for those joining: as I explained in OP the fediverse network is comprised of many many servers, most of which do not adhere to GRIN’s CoC. While on it’s my goal to moderate our community to fit GRIN’s CoC, but I cannot police 3rd party servers unless it’s something straight up illegal. That means you will probably find offensive things in the timeline. You can choose to interact with anyone and block people or entire servers from your account.

Next project:

NOTE: I will update the TOR link soon.


I’m really enjoying the platform you’re maintaining here. Runs smooth and without the spambots running over the $grin tag like on twitter so it’s easier for me to keep up with community posts

Your next project sounds interesting. Would be a kind of alternative to the substack QA? a resource to ask questions and have those answers catalogued

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