Mobile wallet I need it

Need android wallet…when?

How can one send from the exchange to this wallet? Ironbelly doesnt seem to produce an address to identify with

It’s 2019. You can identify as anything you want and exchanges should respect this.


I need some solid advice I have a significant withdraw to begin taking off hotbit

  1. Don’t use vite wallet, some issues have been mentioned in this forum that has not been addressed by the developers.
  2. Don’t use mygrin Web Wallet because it is most likely a scam.
  3. As of now Ironbelly seems not to support non-file-based transactions, thus most likely you will not be able to use it.
  4. Consider using Grin++ -Wallet for Desktop. Get the Installation Files from Github for the Desktop System of your choice (
    Grin++ supports also non-file-based transactions. For this you just use the provided address that is being generated by the wallet. From here you should be able to transfer the grin from grin++ to your mobile-wallet (Ironbelly) if you need your grin on your phone.
  5. Consider using Niffler:( for Desktop and proceed as described in 4.
  6. Consider using native grin wallet for your Desktop-System(, however non-file-transactions may be complicated to set up (“port forwarding”). From here you also should be able to transfer them via file to your mobile Ironbelly wallet.

Thanks for answering @Grundkurs This question. Because i search this problem on google but I didn’t Find the answers.