Vite wallet ... is it safe and good?

I see there is a Vite wallet that supports Grin , and has mobile application …

I need confirmation from as many users as possible , is this wallet safe , is there any problems with it ?

If not , why are people using any other wallets ? I am not tecchie and I don’t understand nodes and such . I need noob friendly app where I can store my Grins safely .

Thanks a lot and please make official wallet as soon as possible :slight_smile:

The Niffler wallet has worked well for me and some other folks. It’s quite user-friendly for receiving Grin which can be tricky for non-technical folks. See this thread for discussion and links to the source.

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Thank you for swift answer

I am trying to get mobile app if possible

Yes as per my knowledge Vite is the only mobile app on mainnet and Ironbelly on testnet. Vite is multi token/coin wallet

I am using wallet713 since January. Its great and the dev team is really helping you out, in case of any problems. Just make sure that you are using the latest version and always download from the OFFICIAL website.

Just my 2 GRIN

Vite is great. Been using it now for over 2 months. Thumbs up

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Ironbelly is on mainnet for a long time already.

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yes I have not updated app for long time :+1:

I am such a noob , is mainnet same as ios app ?

No. Mainnet is the blockchain network where transactions take place. People referring to ‘apps’ in this context mean wallets which can be used to store, send and receive Grin coins. An iOS app would be such a wallet built for the iOS operating system.