Niffler, An out-of-the-box open sourced Grin GUI Wallet

Hello, I am glad to release an open sourced Grin GUI Wallet – Niffler.

The name ‘Niffler’ also comes from “harry potter”. :wink:

Github page:

Download link:

currently, only Mac beta version. Windows/Linux version will release soon.


  • simple, straightforward user interface
  • support multiple multiple languages(now is for English and 简体中文)


Create new wallet

create new wallet

Send grin

send grin

Receive grin

receive grin

Help wanted

A logo from any designer in this community will be much appreciate :slight_smile:


Niffler v0.1.1 released

Add wonderful logo and fix some bugs

Update from here:


We now have a wonderful logo from chinese grin community :slight_smile:

Logo made by @Duoasa, and also thanks @机械师区块链 .


Linux version is available.

You could download from here:



Windows version is available, which use the official official Grin wallet v1.1.0-win-beta.1 as back-end.

You could download from here

And a gitter room created for niffler users. Gitter room: niffler-wallet/community - Gitter

welcome to join :slight_smile:

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Niffler wallet v0.3.0 released.

We add hedwig v1 relay service , so User without public ip could receive grin really easy :slight_smile:

In other words, You could withdraw grin from any exchanges and grin mine pool to your grin wallet very very easily .

You could download from here:
Release 0.3.0 with hedwig v1 · grinfans/Niffler · GitHub :slight_smile:


Niffler wallet v0.3.1 released.
It’s a bug fix version:

  1. fix issue in old version of windows.
  2. add slate file version select when send grin via http/https, better support for exchange deposit.

Just download and install it :slight_smile:


Niffler wallet v0.3.2 released, which has following update:

  1. Restore wallet from seed phrases;
  2. Check balance from Grin blockchain when inconsistency happen;
  3. Fix several bug.

Just download and install it :slight_smile:


Amazing wallet! Received Grin via Hedvig, interesting.
Keep it up! :upside_down_face:

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@xiaojay Hello, and thank you for your contribution of the GRIN GUI. I was using the wallet713 and this helped me a lot especially with the hedwig implementation.

I have a problem, I withdrew GRIn from Kucoin to the Niffler wallet and the transaction has been stuck in unconfirmed state for couple of hours. The first GRIN I sent to the hedwig address arrived instant and the next transfer to the same hedwig address shows this problem I have provided a screenshot as well. I have tried using the check balance feature many times and this doesn’t do anything. My last option is to cancel the transaction but I am afraid that it will loose the GRIN.

Your help is highly appreciated,

Just cancel it, you wouldn´t lose Grin because it´s unconfirmed.
The Grin will stay in exchange and then you can repeat the transaction.

Try to contact kucoin.
I think it’s their problem: they could not broadcast the transaction to blockchain.

and what @debilnypes said is right. The grin was still in exchange.

Thanks, I cancelled it.

Yes, I contacted them and they resent it, 3 times actually before it finally came as confirmed. Thank you.

Wow thanks to whoever made this. My grin were stuck in grinpurse. I finally got around to getting niffler going and was surprised that it was able to import my grinpurse balance without me having to go through the recovery seed entry process. Very nice, thanks.

Edit: when I run niffler, am I running a grin node?

  1. yes, Niffler use grin official cli wallet in the backend. so it could recognize your existed wallet.
  2. No, right now Niffler use a public grin node I built. I will add options to let user run their own’s grin node in next next version of Niffler.

Hey I just dl the wallet and I go to create a new wallet enter my password 2x and click create wallet and nothing happens.

which version of niffler wallet do your install? and what’s your os?windows?

hey thanks for the quick reply it’s 0.3.2 on windows 10

Could you send log file, which is located at “c:\Users<your user name>\.niffler\log” , to my email
Thanks you

ok just sent it :smiley: thanks

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