Mining with GTX 1060 6GB and RX570 8GB

Hello, guys.
Firstable, excuse me for the straight question. I’m reading from few hours the posts here about the mining requirements but I didn’t understand, is it possible now to mine with GTX 1060 6GB or RX570 8GB on cucckoo 29. or not? I can’t test it now because I’m still mining on Windows but I’m thinking switch to Linux because of Grin.

You don’t have to fully switch if you want to use linux. You can easily setup a flash drive or second hard drive to have an ext4 partition either of which could boot Ubuntu. (And with slightly more difficulty you can even make one drive be-able to boot either)

Of course the con to dual booting is if you want to use your windows applications you have to reboot and not mine while on windows.

Right now grin-miner is using 5781MB on my graphics card using a cukroo 29. So if your 1060 has that much memory and you have NOTHING else running on it I think that may work (no monitor plugged into it or anything).

I haven’t tested, so it’s just a theory. My GPU says 8 gb and it has 8118MB memory so could work?

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you don’t need to switch to linux, there is miner available for windows

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He said he is mining in Windows, so I would think he’s using ggm. It doesn’t support and though if I’m not wrong. Not sure why he says he couldn’t test 1060 though

1060 has not enough memory. You need at least 7GB

hi ngorchev,

csga5000 is right. I use second disk to boot ubuntu.

how much gps do you get with rx570 on c29? and what about 1060 ? Thanks.

i’m not sure about GGM, but grin-miner should work with 6gb gtx

I am considering buying rx590 8GB. It almost has the same price with gtx 1060 6GB. But I don’t the gps between them.

i would suggest to you, to go for vega instead of rx590

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thanks dewminer, by the way, do know other mining pools besides mwgrinpool? mwgrinpool is not stable recently.

the list of the pools available is updated @

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I bought a 1060 with 6gb gddr5x, for $200 on Newegg and overnighted it, so I’ll know for sure if it works tomorrow. But it seems doable unless Ubuntu insists on using > 150mb ish vram even if I have nothing plugged into it. Or if 6gb is not 6gb but like <5800mb. I’m hoping it’s like my gtx 1080 and has a little over 6gb.

what am i doing wrong surely thats enough memory

Hey. The problem is that you don’t have enough memory. You have 5.33GB free, you need at least 5.5GB to run it.

Makes sense. Just wonder where my 666 mb went and if i can recuperate some

is it the OS of windows 10 or nvidia driver support eating it? could i run win7 and try again?

Try to unplug your monitor also. It may help

I did not know that grin goldminer was capable to run with gtx 1060? Minimum memory for gringoldminer was 8 gb or did something change ?

i didnt get that memo hahaha wouldve saved some hours m8

Crap and I was hoping u had a working version :stuck_out_tongue:because I also have 2 gtx … but mine are not detected by the grin gold miner