Complete noob , please help

hey guys,

i am a complete noob but i was able ton install ubuntu server in hyper V. i also have a full grin node running. I installed the grin-miner but when i want to start mining

the miner closes as soon as it loads the plugin " mean cpu ". The only 1 i could get to run is the lean cpu 30 …

my CPU is an intel core i5 7500 kaby lake

Also i would like to try GPU mining but dont really know how. i found some kind of video explaining it but that dit not work , probably my current gpu is not good enough. i have a GTX 1050 TI 4 GB … could this work?

You’ll need a GPU with at least 7 GB of memory to have some hope of profitable mining.

Agreed, but is it possible with my gpu?

Yes, it’s possible, with an order of magnitude slowdown…

Do u have a Manual on how to set it up?


Try following the instructions in this post: How to Mine Cuckoo 30 in Grin: Help us test and collect stats!

It should work for your GPU, it will just be slow.

Let us know if you get any specific errors.

Will 2x4GB GPUs cards installed inside the same miner do the trick? (I have 2X GTX 970)
Or the 7GB+ has to be on the same GPU to have a chance?
Basically I’m trying to learn if I need to buy a 8GB card or if I can run with dual 4GB GPUs.

Much appreciated :star_struck:

Two separate sets of 4GB is not the same as 8GB.

The challenge would be loading the graphs into memory I imagine, and so if 7GB is the size, you’ll need an 8GB card for sure.

There may be an exception to that if the cards can run in SLI or crossfire, but I’m not sure how that works in terms of hardware memory. Tromp may be able to guide you better on that.

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I can SLI them no problem if the grin-miner can put them to work. But what you are saying make sense I bet I need at-least 1x 8GB GPU

I imagine SLI being very inefficient as its bindwidth lags way behind memory bandwidth.

Any idea why I can only mine with lean cpu? All the others just crash the miner…

Nobody can help me?
Is iT my CPU or am I missing something

can you clone my repo at
and run the various cpu mean miners? e.g.
cd src
make all

ok i just cloned it and went into " cuckoo " folder and did " cd src " " make all ".
this gave me 2 errors about java , i dont know if thats a big deal? What do i do next?
wil the miner automatically take this or should i point it to it? and how do i do it? :slight_smile: thx a lot in advance for helping me figuring this out

grin@grin:~/cuckoo/src$ make[1]: javac: Command not found
make[1]:: command not found
grin@grin:~/cuckoo/src$ Makefile:19: recipe for target ‘Cuckoo.class’ failed
Makefile:19:: command not found
grin@grin:~/cuckoo/src$ make[1]: *** [Cuckoo.class] Error 127
make[1]:: command not found
grin@grin:~/cuckoo/src$ make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/grin/cuckoo/src/java’
make[1]:: command not found
grin@grin:~/cuckoo/src$ Makefile:5: recipe for target ‘java’ failed
Makefile:5:: command not found
grin@grin:~/cuckoo/src$ make: *** [java] Error 2

when i try to open the grin server i get :

I failed to find one of the right cookies. Found 1836017711
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

this happened after the clone and " make all "

You should be seeing this part too:

make -C cuckoo
make[1]: Entering directory ‘/home/tromp/tmp/cuckoo/src/cuckoo’
g++ -march=native -std=c++11 -Wall -Wno-format -Wno-deprecated-declarations -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200112L -O3 -DPREFETCH -I. -pthread -o simple19 -DIDXSHIFT=0 -DPROOFSIZE=42 -DEDGEBITS=19 simple.cpp …/crypto/blake2b-ref.c
./simple19 -n 38
Looking for 42-cycle on cuckoo20(“”,38) with 50% edges, using 4096KB memory at 7f176007d010.
nonce 38 k0 k1 k2 k3 2476f8b08036a134 207651548105bdeb d822a149e93e3e88 6f8d7fef3f671fdd
26-cycle found
42-cycle found
Nodes (7238a,428b1) (a6aea,fe3eb) (a6aea,be81f) (88c1a,be81f) (88c1a,5a15) (792e,5a15) (792e,2162f) (2f192,2162f) (2f192,b5bbd) (a2628,b5bbd) (a2628,6f9a9) (8c56e,6f9a9) (8c56e,abfa3) (73744,abfa3) (73744,1e96f) (25b4a,1e96f) (25b4a,2c769) (3e9dc,2c769) (3e9dc,8c955) (23690,8c955) (23690,d0e13) (f73d6,d0e13) (f73d6,2e921) (68962,2e921) (68962,d5b89) (f2cbc,d5b89) (f2cbc,7e671) (9a538,7e671) (9a538,23405) (2a854,23405) (2a854,5283f) (7be8,5283f) (7be8,d8a5d) (8e1f8,d8a5d) (8e1f8,c9527) (b4fd6,c9527) (b4fd6,ae7) (d3fba,ae7) (d3fba,378eb) (7238a,378eb) (9147a,fe3eb) (9147a,428b1)
Time: 59 ms

along with other C solvers…

@tromp I was able to clone and do make all. It seemed to succeed. But how do I use this to mine?

For mining grin you use grin-miner. My repo is only useful in testing the build of the solver and playing with them directly, and for diagnosing solver bugs.

I dont know what to do next. Just not handy enough with this ubuntu system… probably buying a gtx 1080 and use the windows miner is the best way for me to go