Difference on mining with 4 or 8 or 16 gb of ram?

Hi guys,

I have a x8 GTX1070 mining rig with 4GB of Ram. Will that give good mining performance? What would be the benefit of 8gb or 12gb?

Mainnet PoW configuration is not known at this time. Mining rig for cuckoo33 would look very different to mining rig for cuckoo30. For current testnet2, system memory size is not important. But for 8 GPUs you may want to avoid using cheap CPUs.

Would octominers be efficient?

There is no official recommendation. I’m just hinting that it is premature to make grin rigs and also that I have observed high cuda CPU overhead while mining. If you already have a rig, you’ll have to test it yourself and see how it goes.

He was talking about GPU ram.

there is a requirement for 6/8 gig … 4 gig wont cut it - i have the same problem and will need to upgrade to mine grin