Newbie mining questions

Hi! I’m new to mining in general so I have some newbie questions.

Does hard drive have any say? How big a hard drive do I need? Does ssd or hdd matter? Can I mine from a live USB?

From what I’ve gathered the cuckoo alghoritm is supposed to be egalitarian, but seems to be optimized for rich folks who can afford 1080 Ti cards, is there any point to mining if you only have an old 2gb card?

Is there a notable difference on mining efficiency running a non-gui OS to free up video memory as opposed to say full Ubuntu?

From my understanding harddrive doesn’t matter. Anything should work.
I also don’t believe running a GUI would impact performance at all.
As to the egalitarian part I can’t comment. Seems reasonable that if you want the best mining performance you need to invest in hardware.

The highest performance can be achieved with a 1080 ti but CPU mining isn’t terrible right now. For graphic cards, we only support the most memory intensive mode right now which requires >5GB or memory. You can mine fine with a 1060.